Wednesday, February 16, 2011


...puritanism and illiberalism. Upside down.

It really makes you want to reach for a bucket, this spectacle of Silvio Berlusconi and his right-wing hangers-on accusing their opponents of "puritanism" and "moralism".

For decades, the tycoon and its supporters built a whole political fortune on moralising, lecturing and pontificating about the dos and the donts of anything under the sun: same-sex couples, women's right to choose, stem cell research, euthanasia, sex education in schools and much more.

All of the above, apparently, wasn't bigoted moralism, puritanism or minding people's own business. Nah.

What is "puritan" and "neo-moralistic" as well as "snoopy and illiberal", instead, is people recoiling in horror at the prospect of a Prime Minister paying for orgies with under-age girls. That's according to one of his top supporters in government.

Right-wing logic: you've got to love it.


asquith said...

Of course the church will never do anything but vaguely whinge. He is on the right side of every issue that matters (to them) so he's just fine in their eyes.

Jackart said...

Of course, I have no problem with orgies. But then I've never moralised about same sex marriage either.

Whilst Silvio Berlusconi is a crook and letcher, and I would NOT want him as head of the executive in any state I live in, he amuses me greatly and he offends all the right people. Gotta love him a little bit?

Stan Moss said...

"he amuses me greatly and he offends all the right people"

oh does he? So we can conclude that Jackart's idea of offending the right people includes vile jokes about concentration camps, homosexuals, AIDS patients and races other than white.

Just do one, and grow some balls, Jackart. If you did you'd at least have the decency to call yourself for what you really are. A fascist.