Saturday, March 31, 2012

Power, arrogance and Bradford

George Galloway's triumph meant a kick in the nuts for Labour. But look at the childish Tory reaction to their own humiliation.

They lost 24% of the votes in less than two years and went from calling Bradford a "winnable seat" to scrambling a pathetic 8.4% in Thursday's byelection.

And now Baroness "cuh-ts" Warsi, one of the most grating politicians around, doesn't even have the dignity to do a bit of soul searching about the Tories' disastrous performance. Nah.

All she could manage was the childish: "This is a Labour seat, has been for many, many decades and last night they lost it in spectacular fashion". Which may be true, but she could do with at least acknowledging that the Tory vote in the area melted into diarrhea like never before.

Which is exactly the kind of petty, pointscoring arrogance that is making this Tory government more unpopular by the minute.

In the meantime, while this blog is no big fan of George Galloway, we say fair play to him. These are times of unprecedented attacks against ordinary people's living standards and workers' rights.

And, with his spectacular victory, Galloway in the Commons (if he does bother to turn up) is a better guarantee than yet another New Labour robot tiptoeing around the issues that matter.

To quote excellent blogger Madam Miaow, "if Labour doesn't like Galloway then the solution is easy. Start doing your job so Galloway doesn't have to". Wise words.

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Stan Moss said...

We'll see. You certainly cant write the guy off...However, Galloway though should do himself a favour and attend sessions in the Commons.

I remember listening to his radio show years ago. He was coming up with a nice range of reasons to justify his poor attendance in Westminster. I'm sure he had a point. But if that was the case, then don't be an MP.