Monday, August 13, 2018

Myth no.2 "Remainers don't want to understand us"

Leavers just need to be loved. Just like everybody else does.

You hear this, time and again.
After conveniently brushing facile slogans under the carpet, one by one, whether it's the 350m for the NHS, 80m Turks at your door, "innovative jam", or "the easiest negotiation in history", our poor Leavers are now desperately clutching at the straw that says they've been "misunderstood". "To many on the liberal Left, Brexit is to be opposed, not understood", is the latest one to widely circulate.

Rich, eh? From a political camp who liquidates any dissent with automatically-generated lines ranging from EUSSR to Remoaners, Metropolitan Elite, liberal snowflakes, dwellers of Islington, George Soros and the reptilians, that really is rich. Never trying to understand your average Leave voter. How awful. How insensitive. Like a 14 year old grounded in his bedroom, feeling lonely, sobbing that his folks don't get him. Pathetic.

With no hint of irony, the same camp that treats any mild disagreement with  ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE headlines, Gina Miller Facebook hate groups, and never ending cries of "CRUSH THE SABOTEURS", "betrayal" and "mutineers" are seriously begging for some understanding.

As if they routinely go out of their way the Brexiteers, Daily Mail in tow, to even vaguely acknowledge, let alone respect, the staggering 75% of the 18-24 age group who voted Remain (note: the majority is crystal clear across all social classes, from the poshest to the most destitute), the millions who are genuinely concerned about their right to stay, family, free travel,  trade, policing, Erasmus, work and retirement on the Continent, you name it.

As if the winning camp (cos this is the winning camp we're talking about, and not the other way round) were at pains to reach out and woo the two regions of the UK which voted neatly Remain. Easier to play the "misunderstood" sulky teenager while calling other "snowflakes".

Coming next: Piers Morgan wails that he can't get a word in edgeways.

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