Sunday, August 12, 2018

The White Working Class myth

Back from the dead.

And so here we are. Back again. Years after the last post.
Like them films when people re-awake from a coma after years, and have to gently get re-used to how the world has changed, and have to learn to take it in a little at a time or else shock may get the better of them.

In line with the uselessness that punctuated the short history of this orange blog, we learnt that we're rejoining the fray right in the era when blogging is at its deaddest. Dead and buried for years.

As obsolete as minidiscs, 90s curtains, meme-free interaction, or warship in the Baltic. As distant a memory as the pre-Twitter era of slightly longer attention spans. As remote as the days, and it wasn't that long ago, mind, when frothing at the mouth hysterically was frowned upon. It was considered weird. Confined to the unhinged fringes, whether online or in the pub. Stuff for the crazed, socially inadequate extremists with sweaty palms and anger management issues who'd rather crack one off over an Alex Jones rant than go out. Certainly not for Presidents, senior politicians, narcissistic pop icons from the 80s or some puffer fish.

And so. What happened was that this blog could no longer bear the thought of hearing yet more pap being spouted out unchallenged. It's everywhere. And each post will be about debunking bullshit. A hopeless task no doubt, when The Death of Reason and shouting the loudest (without ever going against, ever, those unbreachable Facebook Community Standards) have become de rigueur (couldn't help a bit of Metropolitan elitism there, you see).

And so. Part 1. Now. Quickly.
"The White Working Class" won Brexit. And all those who voted Remain are metropolitan-liberal-elitists-from-leafy-middle-class-neighbourghoods (as well as snowflakes, virtue signallers and email me if I forgot any of the usual formulas). That's what we hear day in day out. With 3/4 of the World's population regurgitating what they overhear from tabloids and valiant men of the people such as Farage, Rees Mogg, Johnson, Redwood, Tommy Robinson and the rest.

And so I ask thee. These following places where Remain mopped the floor with Leave, with majorities north of 60% or even 75% (!). You honestly still wanna gum about that it's all "Metropolitan Elites"=remain and "white working class"= leave?
Glasgow North. Liverpool Riverside. Streatham. Tottenham. Lewisham. Birmingham Ladywood. Bethnal Green and Bow. Liverpool Wavertree. Manchester. Etc. "Metropolitan Elites"? Are we fucking joking?

And tell me, guzzler of online crap. What about these Leave-dominated constituencies instead? Do you actually believe that they're home to the angry, deprived and, of course, "white" working class" instead? St Ives, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Yeovil, Chipping Barnet, Jacob Rees Mogg-land, etc?

Here. Done. Another lot as soon as I can be arsed.


Louis said...

Birmingham Hall Green was not 'leave-dominated'. All four wards voted strongly for remain.

Jackart said...

Nice to have you back. I think we agree it's a mistake to put a class spin on the Mob. As Hannah Arendt said "the Mob is primarily a group in which the residue of all classes are represented...The people will fight for true representation, the mob will always shout for the "Strong Man"..."

Ben E said...

A glimmer of sanity and thoughtfulness in the shouting match that is Brexit. Now I'm getting all nostalgic for the days before Twitter's eternal September on steroids. On the rare occasions I have cause to navigate Brum's Inner Ring Road I am reminded of this blog (that and the no.8 bus but the latter mainly in scary flashbacks).

p.s.If only RSS feeds were still a thing I'd have spotted this post when you actually made it.