Friday, December 13, 2019

The day after: assorted thoughts

Don't fret about the NHS, just make sure you know what time the Queen's Speech is broadcast

- It is now official that the Great English Public are happy to hand a massive majority to a man who routinely spouts out racist drivel, an individual who repeatedly wrote about "watermelon smiles and piccaninnies", "tanktopped bumboys", "gay marriage= three men and a dog", and "letter boxes and bankrobbers". That's alright. No wonder Yaxley Lennon and Katie "cockroaches" Hopkins endorsed him too.

- Made by the media. Foisted upon you by the media. You watch TV and they all call him Boris. An aristoman who wouldn't piss on any ordinary member of the Great English Public if they were on fire. And in fact he even WROTE that working class men are "drunk, criminal and feckless". Oh, and single mothers. They too got a share of his "one nation" brand of love.

- No better gift to Johnson than an Opposition led by the weakest debater and least media-savvy politician known to man. Ever. Just one example: the televised election debate on the BBC. Boris Johnson claimed at least 3 times - falsely - that Labour were going to raise tax for everyone over £20000. Corbyn just looked at him haplessly each time and said nowt. Millions of people heard that claim repeatedly but not a single word refuting it. Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

- "This election was taken over ultimately by Brexit", Corbyn excused himself - pathetically - a mere few hours after Labour's worst election drubbing since 1931.
Pity he'd been warned multiple times exactly of that: you can pretend that Brexit isn't going to be "the" issue dominating the campaign, but it'll come back biting you where the sun don't shine.

- You'd have thought that the theme of a government asking for the FOURTH consecutive chance in spite of making a mess out of Brexit, or austerity, or you name it would be a central plank of any opposition party. Not really, not in England.

- "I for one can't wait to hear about how people who suggested that Corbyn was unelectable are entirely to blame for the fact that Jeremy Corbyn turned out to be unelectable", quipped LBC's James O'Brien the day after the election. Indeed.

- Still deluding yourself that the tabloid media doesn't influence the country's discourse? When Corbyn garbled his answer about the Queen's Speech on TV on Christmas Day the tabloids made sure it became a case of national emergency. It was the main headline in The Sun. the Express and the Daily Mail. Nevermind the worst crisis in the history of the NHS, foodbanks and assorted lies. Nah. 30 years of tabloid-infantilising down to a T.

- The above may explain why the Great Masochistic English public keeps falling for facile slogans brandished about by a media-inflated aristobuffoon while still sacrificing possible or potential improvements to their daily life.

- The word "denial" was created for the LibDems.

- Someone has to explain to me why the opinion of Hollywood and TV stars like Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan and Gary Lineker is "stupefying pomposity", whereas comically posh aristocrats and multimillionaires telling you how to survive a fire and how to vote is being on the side of the "working man".

- There was a time when parading your dog at the polling booth in front of the cameras would have been considered naff in Britain. Not anymore.

- Division within the progressive camp has to be the most robotically repeated clanger in the history of politics. This election was no exception. How Labour and the LibDem failed to come to some kind of agreement (despite the likely risk of the most right-wing government in history) will be remembered as a classic case of criminal tribalism.

- There are dozens of seats where Labour, LibDems (and sometimes the Greens) trod on each other's feet and let the Tories happily sneak through. Witness Kensington, City of Westminster, Finchley & Golders Green, Chingford and Woodford Green, St Ives, Hastings & Rye, Altrincham and dozens more. The list is too painful to see. How to hand a seat to Boris Johnson on a tray. Well done Corbyn. Well done Swinson. Political ineptitude on an industrial scale.

- Five very dark years await. The 2010-19 era will be seen as a mere hors-d'oeuvre. The most right-wing government since ever awaits, with a rabid Tory party completely devoid of any moderates and while Labour will tear themselves to pieces. Last one out, turn off the lights.

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