Sunday, December 15, 2019

Three days later: on Labour leadership

British politics: a level playing field

Before anyone applies for the new Labour leader post, whoever they may be, they'll have to make absolutely sure that they never shared a platform with anyone remotely dodgy. Not even by chance, not even in 1988.

Or that they never clicked "like" on anthing that isn't a kittens video on Facebook. Never suggested that carnage in Northern Ireland could be ended by perhaps sitting around a table (like John Major and Tony Blair actually did). Nada. Impeccable.

Oh, and they'll need an army of people monitoring Twitter 24/7 lest they get ripped to pieces over a Labour councillor in Carlisle typing up something obnoxious.

On the other side of the spectrum, of course, it's official that any potential Tory leader can (and will) get away with producing an unspecified number of undeclared children, while at the same time slagging off single mothers for being single (using the word "feckless" too).

They will have written racist stuff in articles and books. They will gush forth any offensive crap about Nigerians and Scots, Scousers and working class people, same-sex couples and Muslim ladies. They can write books caricaturing Jewish men.

They can even get the open and loud backing of obnoxious individuals like Katie Hopkins or convicted far-right thugs like Yaxley Lennon. It won't matter one jot. They'll simply be untouchable. Worst case scenario, they'll get portrayed as some kind of loveable rogues.

Here. Another snowflake moaning about the army of bullies otherwise known as Britain's tabloid press.

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