Saturday, December 14, 2019

Two days later: assorted thoughts

There's only one type of working class, apparently: "white" and "Northern".

- The odious Katie Hopkins summed it up quite correctly: "I think you will find [the Tory Party] is OUR party now. Britain has Boris and a blue collar army. Nationalism is back. British people first".

- For all the talk of enlightened new generations and open-minded young people, the growing trend towards Adulation of the Big Man is, I guess, obvious to a turnip.

- England likes a good bully, doesn't it.

- I wonder if The Cult of Corbyn would acknowledge the idiotic mistake of handing Johnson an election when he sought one back in October.

- Johnson was caged, locked in a hung parliament. Like Tony Blair wisely remarked in October, the Opposition held the cards. They could have worn Johnson down and gradually exposed his idiotic EU deal while constantly pushing for a "People's Vote", saying "see? Those politicians are afraid of giving YOU a final say!".

- Instead, the weakest Opposition in history caved in first, LibDems included, in the midst of Johnson's honeymoon period and a mere few days after he secured the tabloids' backing of his EU deal amidst great fanfare. Acumen.

- It's easy to forget the state the Tory party were in throughout most of 2017-19. Split like never before, led by a weakened, unloved and insipid PM, actively turning Brexit into a total mess, while presiding over a tired and divided government that had been there for the best part of a decade. Still this Labour Party managed to lose to them.

- Those dunderheads who so glibly blame the Labour debacle upon its (very) belated backing of a second referendum (Ian Lavery, Caroline Flint, John Mann, and various EU bashers) forget what dizzy heights Labour achieved while still stubbornly refusing a People's Vote. In May, at the last European election, Labour scored an embarrassing 13,7%, an all-time low. Goldfish memory or just plain stupidity from your average Lexiteer?

- It was only after adopting a more accommodating position towards a "People's Vote" that Labour managed to claw back 10 to 20 percentage points back from the LibDems. Again, don't forget the May results. Labour were annhilated, with millions of its pro-Remain voters backing LibDems or Greens.

- Remember: you can never be "brexity" enough for a leaver.

- Is the working class just "white" and "Northern"? You'd think so if you listened to the Great Media of Great Britain. If you happen to be working class, but also "brown", and maybe "Scottish", or perhaps a "Londoner", then you're fucked, it seems. It's either "white workng class in former Labour heartlands" or "metropolitan elites". Oh don't we all love binary.

- If you include caretakers, in the last 10 years, the LibDems have almost had more leaders than sitting MPs. The curse of the coalition still haunts them.

- If Labour (and what remains of the LibDems) don't knock the tribalism on the head, Johnson will put his feet up in No.10 until the second half of this century. Easily.

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