Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Right wing tabloids assume right wing voters are inferior

It really is clearer than a clear winter night.

The Great English media expect anyone remotely left-of-centre to have impeccable and pristine expectations of their leaders and parties. Zero tolerance of unwise photo ops, lavish lifestyle or anti-semitic tweets.

Rightly so. You've got to harbour sophisticated expectations if you consider yourself liberal or "a snowflake", and England's tabloids will do their bestest to make sure you know all about it, kicking up a fuss and leaving no stone unturned in their endless quest for contradictions in the liberal camp.

Not so, however, if your vote is going somewhere closer to the hacking industry's political heart. The right-wing tabloids expect your average right-wing voter to be absoutely unfazed, at best, if Britain's right-wing leaders indulge in first-hand racism, unwise photo ops, or dubious party mates.

England's tabloids don't think right-wing voters should be told about it. They obviously believe those voters are simple and not worth the publication of a single headline about lavish lifestyle, racism or unwise associations amongst parties of the right. In short, right-wing tabloids assume that voters of right-wing parties have inferior standards and expectations.

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