Thursday, January 23, 2020

Standing up for the white working class

Gowon then...!

You've heard it non stop. Labour, the lefties, the woke and the snowflakes don't really care about the "white working class".

They don't undestand their grievances, they don't speak their language, they just ponce about in their own echo chambers full of metropolitan elites yakking away about identity politics and hashtag metoo.

And so, if your skin is white and you are working class rejoice! Because  - no doubt - from the lot in charge of the Tory Party to the Daily Mail; from the bantery Sun to Douglas Murray; from Lawrence Fox to Yaxley-Lennon; from Katie Hopkins to those Britain First members who joined the Tories...all of them.

They talked about the white working class so much that 100% their next crusade is going to be in defence of their working rights, with proposals oozing out of their ears about improving life amongst Amazon warehouse workers, Deliveroo riders and assorted retail skivvies of a white hue.

Coming up, for sure, the Sun, backed by Nigel Farage and Dominic Raab,  starting a flurry of campaigns dedicated to scrapping zero-hours contracts, not having to ask permission to go for a wee, doubling your salary, increasing maternity leave, reducing bus fares, improving housing rights. You just wait. What a time to be white and working class.

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