Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bye bye Travel West Midlands

New logos for West Midlands buses

You may have noticed in recent weeks that the old Travel West Midlands logo, the name Birmingham travellers associated with their buses for twenty years, is no more.

Its retirement coincides with the adoption of the new National Express West Midlands livery. The change is also in line with the company's recent relocation from London to Birmingham, and follows the plan, as announced in July 2007, to integrate all National Express subsidiaries into one single division, now known as National Express UK Limited.

In the meantime, enjoy the offer (available until 31 May 2008) of a discount on National Express coaches when you present a 4-week Adult Travel card. But before you get over excited, just be aware that it's only valid via the direct debit scheme. There had to be a catch...


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