Friday, September 03, 2010

Hague and this world of geezers

What does the storm over William Hague's own private life say about society and the media?

Surely the news should be packed with reactions to important things i.e. a certain company deciding to make another 3,500 staff redundant from across the UK in spite of their recent £1.1 billion half year profit.

Well no. Wrong. What the press and assorted politicians are currently going hysterical over is the fact that two blokes, one being the Foreign Secretary, shared a twin hotel room together. Surely, the bigoted buffoons conclude, this chap having no kids and a twin room shared with another bloke makes him "one of them", right?

But instead of telling the creeps, the gossips and the homophobes to get stuffed or preferably set themselves alight, instead of retorting that there's something deeply wrong with society if two blokes are supposed to hang their heads in shame for the mortal sin of sharing a twin room, the Foreign Secretary comes up with the brilliant idea of issuing a statement that basically says:

"Look, but I am a geezer. I am one as much as you are! It ain't my fault I don't have kids! I have been sleeping with my wife but she had a series of miscarriages".

Now, Hague, fair enough you must've been well pissed off. And, sure, as far as Tories go you actually seem fairly alright and you defintely get all our support against the various Tebbits and Redwoods. But, really, was there any need to drag and your wife's and your own private life and fertility issues into the media pits?

Or is this perhaps just a case of karma striking back (see here and here)?


Jackart said...

Why should RBS not fire staff? You do want RBS to make a profit and eventually pay back the state, don't you?

Profit is GOOD. And unrelated to staff numbers. If the staff aren't earning their keep, they should be fired so the economy can redeploy them into something more productive.

Profit is the means by which RBS will repay the taxpayer, and probably involves paying bonusses.

But accepting that will entail a complete rethink of the lefty mindset, which is that profit is Bad. Profit is the difference between what you should and do pay for something. Profit is tax not taken.

This view, revealed by your comments at the head of this are idiocy.

BiluĊ› said...

Beautifully expressed about Hague - it just felt wrong hearing all of this on the news and I even started to sympathise with him.... so thanks also for the reminders about his 'hardline stance' on the odious Section 28.

Jackart: here's a point. Oops, too late, you missed it again...

Stan Moss said...

Profit is not bad. Pisstaking is.

Get into that skull of yours that it was exaclty the mindet you're sticking up for that wrecked the economy, above all the banks.

Blind profiteering, exponential rise in bonuses, no matter the consequences. One single bonus that an pay 1,000 annual salaries, nevermind the bonus is dished out whether there's a loss or not.
And in the meantime, fuck all else and everybody else ("staff aren't earning their keep"- you should just thanks your lucky stars you're not in their position!)?.

But you know all that already, that's what "the right" is all about.

Phil Tomlinson said...

Jackart, did you miss the part where they posted a £1.1 billion half-yearly profit, even with these 3500 people employed?

But no, you're right, we should totally screw over thousands of British workers if if it proves some half-baked point about leftism.