Thursday, October 14, 2010

When pictures speak louder than words

Click here and here to read Nick Clegg's December 2009 "pledges" to phase out and then scrap tuition fees.

Click here to read Vince Cable yesterday proposing tuition fees to go up to £7000 a year.

Steve Richards: "A U-turn that will wreck public trust".


Rabelais said...

Hi Claude,
The contempt for voters and democracy that the Lib Dem's have displayed on the issue of tuition fees is so bare faced it almost beggars belief. Is it any wonder politicians are held in such low esteem. All this of course comes in the wake of Blair's disregard for public opinion over the war and MP's expenses. What's the point of fretting about voter apathy when so you can't even be bothered to be straight with them. Actually in the future voter apathy may be the least of our problems. What we might see is the rise of the sort of grotesque right-wing populism of organisations like the tea party over the pond.

claude said...

You're right Rabelais.
Contempt is the key word.

The way the LibDems have been abusing people's trust has actually destroyed my active interest in current affairs.

To watch Clegg and those other losers recite like robots the fable that only 5 months ago they "didn't know how bad the deficit was" so that they can justify one about face after the other is comedy-like. As well as revolting.

It makes a farce of any election campaign, debate, let alone principles and beliefs.

Simply mouth off that "things have changed" and off you go with a colossal u-turn.

And to make things worse, that's exactly what Labour did in 2004. They'd been elected 3 years before with their manifesto pledging one thing (about tuition fees). They did the exact opposite and justified it with weasel words. So I'm afraid they can hardly talk.

I'm starting to think that voting is absolutely pointless.

Rabelais said...

Well, you know what they say: if voting changed anything they'd abolish it.