Monday, December 06, 2010

Smiths, I still love you

Twenty-three years after their demise, Morrissey and Johnny Marr join forces to lash out at the Tory government.

The news that both Johnny Marr and Morrissey expressed their dislike of the Coalition government has added some extra warmth to my day.

It may make little difference, but it's good to know that some "rockstars" or famous people are not 100% cocooned in their own comfortable bubble, haven't totally given up on using their brain cells and are still aware of the crap that goes on in the real world.

Johnny Marr kicked off the proceedings the other day when he rebuked David Cameron's professed admiration for The Smiths. In a twitter message, the guitarist quipped: "David Cameron, stop saying that you like The Smiths, no you don't. I forbid you to like it."

And as the wider media picked up on his remark, another one came this morning :"Nick Clegg, hand over your iPod".

Most unexpected, Marr's former bandmate Morrissey called a truce on their long-standing feud in order to publicly back his words.

"I would like to, if I may, offer support to Johnny Marr who has spoken out to the media this week against David Cameron", said the singer in a written statement at, articulating his concerns at David Cameron's love for hunting and his pledge to stage a Parliamentary vote on repealing the foxhunting ban next year.

"I must report that David Cameron hunts and shoots and kills stags – apparently for pleasure", added Morrissey. "It was not for such people that either Meat is Murder or The Queen is Dead were recorded; in fact, they were made as a reaction against such violence".

I guess The Smiths were always my favourite band for a reason.


BiluĊ› said...

Warmth to my day, too - it's just a joy to have somebody with Morrissey's forthright convictions and eloquence speaking out again, very timely and more of the same please Mr Morrissey!

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Fingers crossed for them reforming yes?

claude said...

Hey Daniel,
excellent to see you back, we missed you here. And good to see you're back blogging as well. How's life treating you?

And no, The Smiths will never reform, probably a good thing too, given that every single band from Pulp to The Primitives are getting back together!

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Life is very good, 2010 has been a cracking year for acting.

I still see that the patriot goon hangs around foaming at the mouth. He can't help it can he? Poor sod.