Monday, February 20, 2006

Voltaire. In his grave. Turning. The incarceration of David Irving.

It's a slow, perilous, downhill route, the censorship that is sweeping over Western Europe. Wars were fought and it took us centuries to earn the right of free speech, free thought, the right to an opinion. And what's left of free speech if the most controversial, most debatable and even stupidest ideas are to banned, censored and stamped down? What sort of free speech is the one were we all think alike and we all think safe? Tonight British historian David Irving was found guilty in Vienna of denying the Holocaust of European Jewry and was sentenced to three years in prison. How can somebody actually be sent to prison for saying that the Holocaust didn't exist? It's mental... Have a debate with the guy, call him an idiot, strap him in front of a Schindler's List DVD, do whatever you've gotta do...but, to deny free speech, now that seems the nazi thing to me.

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