2010 Election Guide

Who do we vote for?

In the run-up to one of the most closely fought general elections in living memory, Hagley Road to Ladywood will host a series of articles where supporters, members and representatives of each political party explain why you should cast your vote for them (or in one case, none of them).

Click on the links below to access each article as they get published daily:

Non-voting, by Neil Robertson

The Pirate Party, by Aaron Murin-Heath

UKIP, by Tim Worstall

Into the mind of a BNP voter, by Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

Labour Left, by HarpyMarx

Plaid Cymru, by Ceri Ames

Respect, by Salma Yaqoob

The Lib Dems, by Andrew Hickey

The Green Party
, by Peter Tatchell

Conservative, by Jackart

Labour, by Bob Piper

Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition, by Dave Semple