Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pope knocked to the floor

Mass at the Vatican kicked off 10 minutes late. Expect the internet to take some stick.

Christmas Eve Mass at St. Peter's basilica in Vatican City was given unexpected excitement as a woman jumped the barriers and knocked down Pope Benedict VI.

The woman was arrested immediately and taken away by Vatican police. Reporters say the Pope, 82, was unharmed. He got back on his feet straightway and managed to begin the ceremony as expected. However, Cardinal Etchegaray, who was by his side, was hospitalised.

Though the motives behind the incident are as yet unknown, expect "remote controlled" leftist hatred and web-based glorified violence to take the blame. Just wait and see.

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primerica life insurance said...

Well, from the news I heard the woman turned out to be mentally disturbed. I don't expect any political or any other ideology to be to blame here. It was just an unplanned excitement and as the Pope got out of this unharmed I wouldn't consider this incident as anyhow important. Lorne