Friday, February 12, 2010

Disgusting, says the Daily Mail

To hear Daily Mail churnalists slagging off the WAGs' world is the equivalent of an alky going on about the shitty pints served in his local while asking for the usual again.

Look at what Amanda Platell scribbled today. "My night with wannabe WAGS made me ashamed of my sex", she wrote, concluding that those young women are "selling their bodies to the highest bidder" therefore "perpetrating the oldest profession in the world". In itself, hard to disagree with, really.

What's incredible though is the way Platell fails to notice that, for years now, the Daily Mail has been obsessively bigging up the WAGs and their "glamorous" existence day in and day out -with the possible exception of the Sun, more than any other daily in Britain.

Run the word "WAGs" on the Daily Mail search engine. You are returned with 858 entries. If you consider that the expression came into common use around spring 2006, that's roughly a WAGs-related opinion column, article or photo gallery every day and a half.

Granted, some of those stories have a negative/Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells feel to them. In many cases, however, their coverage consists in telling the wider world about all the 'fun' and 'glamorous' lifestyle those WAGs enjoy. The tone ranges from envious to celebratory to proper talking up. Imagine how ashamed Ms Platell would feel if she ran through the following Daily Mail headlines:

"WAGs splash out £60,000 on shopping spree"; "WAGs out and about in Baden Baden"; "WAGs kitchen"; "The WAGs (northern branch) are back!"; "Footballers and their WAGS enjoy family time"; "the WAG who preferes horses to handbags"; "WAG Alex Curran shows A-listers where to party in Liverpool" (etc etc...)

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Anita said...

Pathetic paper the Mail is.
But I'm hardly saying something new arent I?