Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blunkett, Labour and selective "principles"

David Blunkett, John Reid and others never frowned upon their party backing the most right-wing US President in history. They ditched all principles in order to cling onto power. But, as a deal with the Lib Dems is in sight, they're suddenly going apeshit.

And so here it is, this pathetic succession of "principled people" coming out against a deal for electoral reform: David Blunkett, Jon Reid, Tom Harris, Diane Abbot, Douglas Alexander and various other "senior" Labour figures.

They were quite happy to be pushed around, ordered about and whipped into submission over the biggest foreign policy blunder in recent history (the Iraq war bloodbath).

They didn't bat an eyelid when manifesto promise after manifesto promise was shunned from 1997 on (i.e. the railways, tuition fees, air traffic control, anti-union legislation, civil liberties, Lords reform and much more).

They didn't flinch when they voted in foundation hospitals or when Tony Blair ditched any remaining shred of dignity as he fawned over the most right-wing US President in history.

They were quite happy to follow the leader when, in an amazing display of contempt for democracy, the rules were changed for the 1999 Mayoral selection (so that Blair could handpick his Frank Dobson over Ken Livingstone).

Those Labour "personalities" kept their head down for as long as they could cling on to power.

Now, here they are. Their "principles" are suddenly impossible to compromise over electoral reform and a temporary deal with the Liberal Democrats. Absolutely shocking.

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Mark Lightwood said...

This is the truth ^

What a fitting end to 13 years of Labour. They governed like the Tories, now they're giving us the real thing.