Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stay stupid

Nothing seems to irk the country's hacks more than a celebrity expressing a political opinion.

We binge on hundreds of celebrities, some more worthless than others, while we laugh at their imperfections, dimpled thighs and sweaty armpits as sported by Heat, the Sun or the Daily Mail.

We love to remark on how thick, shallow and uneducated they are. We sneered at Jade Goody's "pig ignorance", laughed at Paris Hilton's dumb quotes and we frowned at how detached from the real world the superrich and the superfamous are.

But then the moment a celebrity displays the tiniest existence of grey stuff between their ears, for some reason, we go apeshit and we scoff and pour scorn at them.

Whether it's Eric Cantona making a stand against the banks, Colin Firth criticising the government over tuition fees, or Jemima Khan defending Wikileaks, the media predators just won't let them get away with it. Go back to your pampered world. Stay thick, stay shallow and stay supine, is the warning. [Incidentally, note how the toss-arguers always invariably end up siding with the powers that be].

Jan Moir kicked off the proceedings yesterday with an extremely bitchy swipe at "darling Jemima. She was pictured looking particularly fabulous at an earlier Assange hearing; standing on the court steps with her blonde hair flying and her big liberal heart beating fit to burst", wrote the right-wing columnist.

Today is the turn of the Independent to pull her up on her quote that she shouldn't be called a "socialite". How dare she say she isn't. Oh the scorn, the tutting, the disdain.

Christina Patterson goes even further. In one of the most convoluted opinion columns in living memory, she insinuates that "the very beautiful, and very rich, and very famous for her famous boyfriends, Jemima Khan", may not be genuinely interested in "the cause of freedom of speech".

"It's also possible that [Jemima Khan and Bianca Jagger] did the calculations before making the deal", sentenced Patterson. "On the one side: beauty, money, glamour. On the other: 'rock star' looks, a delicious sense of self-righteousness, and the aphrodisiac of massive, world-leader-embarrassing power".

Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Here's the message to every celebrity: show an interest in something and the papers will pick you to pieces.


thepatriot said...

Yeah Cantona was overrated as a football player and is even more crap as ringleader for the clammy socialists socialites of this world. I'd have loved to have seen him play for any other team with less dough than Man DisUnited he'd have made the same impact as fuckin Seba Veron.

Anonymous said...

>fuckin Seba Veron




* Primera B Nacional Argentina (1): 1995
* Argentine Primera DivisiĆ³n (2): 2006 Apertura, 2010 Apertura
* Copa Libertadores (1): 2009


* UEFA Cup (1): 1998-99
* Coppa Italia (1): 1998–99


* Serie A (1): 1999–2000
* Coppa Italia (1): 1999–2000
* Supercoppa Italiana (1): 2000
* UEFA Super Cup (1): 1999

Manchester United

* Premier League (1): 2002–03


* Serie A (1): 2005–06
* Coppa Italia (2): 2004–05, 2005–06
* Supercoppa Italiana (1): 2005


* Premier League Player of the Month (1): September 2001
* South American Footballer of the Year (2): 2008, 2009

Charlie said...

Anyonymous - but yeah as we all know from our first class national press, if you're good outside the Premiership but don't do so well there, you're clearly a rubbish footballer! (see also: Andrei Shevchenko).

thepatriot said...
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Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

The likes of the Patriot and Jackart have clearly taken the title of this blog post to heart.

They look to you for guidance and fulfilment.

thepatriot said...

the crossbreed of charlie chaplin and borat hurls his thick leftist abuse at me and you don't delete his comment. bet you're proud bumguzzler.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

You are a pathetic, sad little man, hangng around a website you disagree with just so you get some attention by being either homophobic, ignorant or plain idiotic.

I pity you boy.