Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hagley Road to Australia

From Sydney with love...

This is a picture of my new area.

It's in the Sydney district of Pyrmont (super recommended if you happen to be Down Under), and it explains why things haven't been so active on the blog in recent weeks.

So, apologies to whoever may still read this, but I've moved here for good and have been enjoying the fantastic Sydney climate.

Just imagine, it's winter time here and we've been having twenty degrees and sun. The pubs and nightlife are amazing and what they say about the Ozzies being friendly and welcoming is absolutely true!

We'll be posting again soon, once work and my new Ozzie life are all settled.


Biluś said...

How amazing - good luck down under!


Paul said...

Nice one Claude, ironically enough I'm visiting a business in Hagley Road next month.

D.C. Harrison said...

As someone who's always talked about moving to Australia (albeit, it would be the other side of the country) but never had the guts to do so, I salute you.

Take it easy, Dude, and look forward to reading more.

Julie McNeill said...

Good on yers! I originally emigrated to Melbourne from Birmingham in 1978 and now I live in Queensland and winter sun is better!
There are a few 'poms' coming over. A Cheshire man came to fix my washing machine and he was astonished because the woman he went to before was from Birmingham too!