Monday, June 23, 2008

Jeremy Clarkson, a stopped clock

It's not often that we agree with Jeremy Clarkson. In yesterday's Sunday Times article "Oi, get your hands off my lapdancers", the Top Gear presenter was in full-on belligerent mood. "[E]very single town in Britain these days is equally terrible - a vomit-stained centre full of estate agents, charity shops and building societies, ringed with a prefabricated, fluorescent sprawl of people in purple shirts trying to sell you Pentium processors and button-backed leatherette sofas".

As they say, even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day -which is why we quite liked Clarkson's pulling down of contemporary Britain. However, we still thought he was a bit too harsh. Where else would such self-important gob heads like him be allowed to make crap taxpayer-funded programmes on national television and be regularly given a newspaper platform to spurt out populist venom of the most ignorant kind?

Stick to driving fast, Clarkson. And no, fuck red tape and nanny state. Do not fasten that seat belt.

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Anonymous said...

Fair enough, his judgement on contemporary Britian is accurate, even if not particularly original or an intellectual high flight by any means - less positive things can be said about his rant on the re-licensing of lap-dancing clubs. It strikes me as absurd that any civilized country in the world would consider the sexual exploitation of women as a god-given right and the prohibition thereof as an infringement of "freedoms" - but some centuries ago they must have justified slavery the same way eh...