Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Heavy Mail

The Daily Mail's peculiar obsession with body weight

In a moment of masochism, I decided to take a quick peek at the Daily Mail online. What caught my eye this time though wasn't their usual Tunbridge Wells demeanour. Instead, it was the fact that I counted at least six stories about weight issues.

Now, I don't know if it's just today as I never noticed it before, but it really looks like someone in the Mail's newsroom has got some unhealthy obsession. Look at this. "Curvy Ruth Lorenzo" and her "X-Factor diet" by Daily Mail reporter; Beth Ditto as an "unlikely model" as she tried a frock that "failed to flatter her 15st figure"; "Making history hip": Beyonce' and her dress; Andrew Lloyd Webber's daughter and her thyroid condition that made her pile on weight.

Ok, take a breath as we're not done just yet.

Check this out. There's Rebecca Loos showing her "growing baby bump", and then there's this: "Feeling peckish? Yummy mummy Myleene Klass wolfs down a giant muffin", with the added info that the M&S model feels insecure about her figure. Finally, in the FeMail section, "How to...Get a flat stomach" by Janey Holliday.
The Heavy Mail, top quality paper.

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