Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Ten ideas for Labour"

Wealth tax, electoral reform, green cars, public housing and much more. Can Labour be rescued?

There is an interesting debate on the Guardian online. Several writers and columnists are putting forward ideas and concepts that, if taken on board, would probably reverse the current opinion polls. As it stands, all recent surveys suggest the Labour party is way past its sell-by date and fresh ideas are sorely needed.

Some of the suggestions from the Guardian writers come from the same hymnsheet as this blog. You get John Harris proposing a "wealth tax", Polly Toynbee arguing in favour of electoral reform (as she calls the FPTP "derelict", right on!), and Jonathan Freedland calling for the ID card scheme to be scrapped "and the money spent on a 'Manhattan Project' to develop the world's greenest car". In favour of a massive public housing programme there is Seumas Milne.

You can read it all here.

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Planet Me said...

not just have a Minimum Wage, but a MAXIMUM WAGE.