Monday, May 11, 2009

Benefit frauds

The "reversal of welfare dependency" can start from the gravy train of MPs' expense claims.

These are the people who constantly lecture the nation on the importance of not abusing public money. These are the pious souls who are closing in on benefit thieves who "are picking the pockets of law-abiding taxpayers".

These are the politicians who claim that welfare provision treats people as perpetual children incapable of providing for themselves, the same politicians who "demand proper use of public money and accountability" and want to "reverse welfare dependency". These are the MPs who call for "standards and boundaries", adding that "people have got to the end of their patience with people having a free ride and not doing their bit".

Last year one of them went as far as saying that council tenants should sign "commitment contracts based around the principle of something for something" or face losing their home.

So imagine the beauty of catching the same self-righteous hypocrites red-handed. For years, it now turns out, they had the taxpayer forking out for their trips to Ikea, nappies and clothing, gardening equipment and cleaners' bills, videos and matresses, boilers and council tax, storage space and ice cube trays, light bulbs and dog food.

And that's the same for Labour and Tory MPs alike.

Call the benefit fraud hotline on 0800 854 440 (H/T The People's Republic of Birmingham) and grass them up.
UPDATE: Excellent take on the subject by Harpymarx.

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Richard T said...

And all fucking well tax free.