Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Sun blames Lady GaGa

The singer sparked "fury", apparently. Only in the Sun's newsroom though.

For a country where tabloid-led witch hunts and collective hysteria are the order of the day, the reactions to the tragic Cumbria shootings have been surprisingly sober.

Most parties accept that no law can shelter society from an unpredictable switch flicking like it did in Derrick Bird's case.

Beyond a call or two in favour of even tighter gun laws and a few questions on how quick the police were to react, no-one has attempted to whip up hysteria and make political hay of such a tragedy.

That is, until the Redneck's Gazette, widely known as The Sun, decided that a focus for outrage had to be found regardless.

Within 24 hours of the Cumbria murders, the target came in the guise of Lady GaGa (Lady Gore Gore- Lady GaGa sparks fury with cannibal-murder scene in stage show).

According to The Sun, it's "sick" that the singer's current UK tour includes a stage act featuring red paint and death poses.

So does the Sun expect every single videogame, CD or DVD in the country with the slightest reference to violence to be taken off the shelves too?

Can that "paper" function without concocting faux outrage, even when it's so blatantly meaningless?


Paul said...

I heard somewhere that lady GaGa went into a bar in Birmingham and bought everybody there rounds of drinks. That's really nice of her if she did that. I don't expect you to be expert on celeb issues in Brum but I wonder if you had heard of it? But when you've got prima donnas like Mariah Carey and Simon Cowell it's nice if someone cared for ordinary folks.

Madam Miaow said...

I wonder if the Mail would ever kick up over this story:

claude said...

yes, that was very nice of her. It happened in the Prince of Wales pub which is 50 yards from my previous house, near the National Indoor Arena. That's one of the few remaining "traditional" pubs in the city centre. I'm going to put up the pic of the place now :-)

claude said...

Madam Miaow...
just read the link. No, I don't think the Daily Mail will, somehow.

Newmania said...

I`d love to know what "Procedures" plod were following that stopped them getting anywhere near a three hour killing spree.Jesus , they are quicker than that if you are speeding. He should have been dead in about twenty minutes ..more to come on this I expect.

claude said...

There it is.
I found the predictable one blaming "neo-liberalism" for the shootings:

"Get used to Cumbria-style killings in neoliberal UK"

This is the link.