Friday, February 29, 2008


"How it must actually feel to be part of such a horrific experience"

Film review by Darren Whitcombe

I guess it all started when I was bored on myspace one day and saw the statue of liberty's head lying on the floor somewhere in an advert. About a year later I went to the cinema to see Cloverfield.
That was the other week and I must say I was quite blown away. Blown in which direction I still can't decide, maybe I will be a little closer after I write this.

I had no knowledge of it apart from these reviews from different people;
"I fell asleep it was that boring"; "it was amazing and so scary". Who to believe?
It started out with what I think may be a typical New York (American) house party where you have all of the stereotypical people. I then found myself part of that house party and quite involved with the emotions of the people there and that was terrifying. I was there and I just couldn't imagine anything bad happening at all. Everything seemed so normal, like there was nothing apart from which we know to be real.

Then it happened, New York was being attacked, and that is where most people would feel the movie actually starts. I felt the opposite. I couldn't help but sense that the directors were replaying 9/11 and letting everyone understand how it must actually feel to be part of such a horrific experience and how it would feel before it would actually happen. The movie then follows the adventures of a few ordinary people and how they deal with what is happening. I felt myself living the experience too and how I would cope if I was in their circumstance.

Instincts, emotions, survival, terror and love all come to play in such times during life and I guess what the film is really trying to convey is not how you would feel if it was you who was in that position, but someone who you love more than yourself and what extremes you would go to to help them.
I would recommend this film to everyone because it is a film that should just be seen, not just for the action or for a night out or for a quick scare, but for the experience that some have gone through. I feel thankful that I haven't been in that position where the people whom I hold dear to me are being attacked.

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