Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Goldfrapp, "Seventh Tree"

A review - by Stan Moss

Alison's ditched the more libidinous tendencies for songs about nature, birds and tempos that rarely whip up minstrel dancing in the fields, let alone a romp at Snobs. If you’re expecting any pretty feather boas or sparkly disco-balls, you got hold of the wrong CD. This time round, Goldfrapp are in a thoroughly folky state of mind.

Their 4th album, the successor to two collections of camply sexualised, glam-influenced electro-pop, Seventh Tree represents a dramatic rethink: out go the stomping glitter beats and whip-crack synthesisers, in comes "psychedelic folk". Of course the danger is that unfamiliar territory may alienate fans. But you could reasonably argue that all the possibilities of glam-influenced electro had been exhausted.

Supernature and its predecessor Black Cherry were both platinum sellers. They even influenced Madonna, who found herself labelled Oldfrapp as a result. Seventh Tree is possibly their boldest work to date. Single A&E is obviously the standout track. Some reviewers thought it dangerously peaceful, but these are the same people who'd protest about the "same formula" if Goldfrapp has stuck to their old recipe of success.


Anonymous said...

Goldfrapp's new album is utter shite.

Flotsom & Jetsom

Anonymous said...

agreed - crap