Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Love Machine and the Love Rat

More on the lethal mix of football and WAGS -
by Emma

It's quite ironic that Girls Aloud pride themselves on their 'take no shite' 21st century Girl Power attitude when their leading lady has become something akin to a doormat in recent weeks.

Cheryl Cole (nee' Tweedy) is portrayed as a bit of a hard nut. A Geordie who has had some bad press in the past with her alleged racism towards a black toilet attendant in a nightclub, she sports - in the words of The Mirror's Tony Parsons - a "florist shop tattooed around the top of her thigh" and, even though she's obviously a bit of a looker, there's the slight whiff of chavvy fishwife about her, especially if you consider her penchant for slagging other female artists like Lily Allen and Charlotte Church.

But she's most famous for being married to footballer Ashley Cole and now the centre of gossip mag frenzy since the news of Ashley's infidelity have arisen.

He's alleged to have slept with a hairdresser, enjoyed a variety of positions with her and ended their sojourn with the offer of funding her abortion if she happens to become 'enciente'. Talk about romance. After spending a short break in Thailand to sort her head out, she's taken him back with open arms.

I am a firm believer that the majority of young footballers are scumbags when it comes to relationships. Not a week goes by without some sort of spitroasting story or prostitute-cocaine-romp (remember Wayne Rooney?), but it certainly doesn't help matters when the women who gravitate towards these men are willing to accept this behaviour. Which, if the papers are to be believed, is a great deal.

Judging by how morbidly obsessed young girls are with 'WAGS' these days, no doubt the moral of 'stand by your man even though he pulls 5 Essex girls a week' will prevail.

Especially if it means the Platinum Visa stays in your Balenciaga handbag.

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