Saturday, July 26, 2008

Despicable Darwins

I guess you've all heard and read about John Darwin and hiw wife Anne, the couple who, by most papers' accounts, behaved like contemporary monsters, war criminals that would make Radovan Karadzic come across as an innocent Huey, Lewey or Dewey - you take your pick. However, one commentator seemed to show the rare gift of seeing past the bottom of their rectum. You may think that reproducing large sections of somebody else's article is tantamount to indolence. But this time it has to be done.

Howard Jacobson, in Shakespearian mood in today's Independent, put it like no-one else could.

"Despicable canoe couple sent to prison" also gave one pause. What's a despicable canoe? In fact it was the couple who were "despicable" in the judge's view on account of their deception of their sons. Bad call, judge. Use every man after his deserts when it comes to deceiving children and who should scape whipping? Otherwise what did the Darwins do that so was so terrible? Swindle an insurance company? Why, half the people invited to take tea at Downing Street these past 25 years have had no better reason for being there. Enterprise, it's called. In a money-crazed culture you get knighthoods for it. (bloody right! - Ed.)
And isn't six years a bit steep for what they did, however you regard it? You can wipe out an entire family on your bicycle, knifing anyone who tries to stop you, and be given only half that. Explain it to me, judge. Explain why a crime against a financial institution weighs heavier than a crime against the person".

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