Thursday, July 10, 2008

Economic doom and the politics of envy

Three months ago this blog took you through the daily life of Glenn Gallop and highlighted the mad increase in the cost of living in Britain. We weren’t dreaming or talking on behalf of a particularly nasty brand of cynicism. In fact our estimates were extremely conservative.

Last week the Sunday Times ran a story about the increasing numbers of Ozzies who are packing their bags and heading home due to the unsustainable cost of living on UK soil (the immigrant-phobic will also rejoice at the estimated 60,000 Poles expected to give up on the land of hope and council tax in the next 12 months - but who's going to care for Nana? They obviously haven’t put two and two together).

On Friday, Ernst & Young released the official figures. Due to a big rise in the cost of everything, real income has fallen 15 per cent. Comparing the current situation with 2003, bills have gone up 110 per cent and council tax 25 per cent. And whether you have a car or ride the bus, you're forking out way more than you used to. "Costs are far outstripping wage inflation" they concluded.

You can be sure though that bonuses and wages at the top end are keeping up though. Does that make us envious? Does it fuck…

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