Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sun bigs up Baby P's mum

Britain's "best paper" hands unlikely spotlight to child abuser.

How many people out there were gagging to know Baby P's mother's thoughts on Michael Jackson's death? Was there a pressing public demand?

To look at today's Sun, you'd think so. There are two front page pieces about "Baby P's mum plans to party" and "Baby P's mum sobs for Jacko", the kind of treatment the Sun normally reserves for 'national institutions' such as Jordan, Big Brother 's Sophie, or their mammary glands.

Now though, the same Sun that made a national crusade out of Baby Peter's tragic death has decided to hand the spotlight to the same "monster" and "beast" they wanted burnt at the stake. Will they put her on page 3 next?

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Glyn Pope said...

Sadly probably many were. Its the sick society we live in.

See my blog for take on Baby P