Friday, July 31, 2009

Morning after pill is poison, says the Vatican

Expect excommunication any time soon.

"Lethal poison", "human pesticide", "DIY abortion", an offence that "will grant excommunication" for whoever takes it or is involved in its prescription or sale.

Always on the side of modernity, the Vatican are pulling a right strop after Italy's Drug Agency's recently gave the nod to abortive pill Ru486.

Now, bear in mind the pill will only be administered in hospital, so it's hardly going to be hordes of randy 16-year-old girls popping over to the nearest chemists to grab hold of them like lozenges. More, the agency said "the pill can only be taken up to the seventh week of pregnancy, and not up to the ninth as is the case in other countries".

And yet, as they launch their crusade to pull the pill from the market, the Vatican keep pointing out that excommunication is looming. According to one of their top officials, Most Rev. Giulio Sgreccia, the Ru486 is unsafe because a total of 29 people who took it worldwide since 1988 lost their lives. Surely more people have popped their clogs while jogging?

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