Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fascists just LOVE the Daily Mail

The love affair between the far-right and the Daily Fail continues.

Same old crap in today's Daily Mail:

"Record number of people leave Britain as Poles head home- but new arrivals increase to half a million". Amongst the best rated comments:

"Only the BNP has ANY intention of sorting this shambles out
- john, france, 26/11/2009 17:59

"roll on elections - BNP your time is coming!!!!!!"
- ymmot, england, 26/11/2009 22:01

"the workers leave, the shirkers arrive"
- rob, an irate taxpayer, chesham, bucks, 26/11/2009 16:46


Anonymous said...

I note that the BNP have it on their website that all 447,000 emigrants were British despite that the Mail story clearly says that 255,000 were non-British.

The thing that the Mail leaves out that was in the ONS stats was the fact that the biggest group of immigrants were...British. Presumably people who'd moved abroad for work etc and were now coming home. I have no idea why that wouldn't get mentioned...

Helen Highwater said...

A lot of pensioners who'd moved to the Eurozone came back when the exchange rates went tits up. Tsk, how fickle.