Monday, November 30, 2009

A week in Dubai? No, thanks.

Some pillock called peaceinmylifetime commenting on this story in the Guardian:
"Consider this: you are offered you a week's stay in the Burj Al Arab Hotel (6/7/8/910 stars - delete as apprpriate) along with your partner (or one can be provided if you so desire), along with as much booze as you could hold, would you definitely refuse it, no regrets???"
Yes! Of course I'd refuse - and ten times over too. And so would you, if you had anything remotely resembling:

a) taste;

b) aversion to slave labour, which in tacky Dubai is available in its most vintage incarnation. In fact if there's anything they managed to duplicate well in Fantasy Island Dubai, aside from artificial islands in the shape of an arse, that's their giant mass-scale replica of early 19th century working conditions. Take a look here and here.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Agreed, I love how Dubai was somehow cool even though it was built on the worst of 21st century principles.

asquith said...

Did you see this one, putting the other side of the debate"?

I suppose he has got one point- where will those who tire of living in theocracies go to blow their load, if not Dubai?

Paul said...

I've been there and besides the Wild Wadi the place is a pornographic example of excess in every possible way. I only enjoyed the Wild Wadi water rides because I'm a big kid. Since then however I prefer to holiday in Scotland.

However at least the UAE offers some limited freedom of worship to their Christian slaves unlike anywhere else in the region. However seriously Claude would you turn down a week at the Burj if someone else paid? I mean if ALL expenses were thrown in you could have one serious party.