Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Daily Mail cheers death penalty in China

In a world ruled by the Daily Mail they'd run out of hangmen in no time at all.

Leo McKinstry, normally busy penning armchair warrior articles for the Express or anti gay ramblings in the Sun, is today arguing in the Daily Mail ('Sorry not to join the liberal wailing: heroin traffickers deserve to die') that China's execution by lethal injection of British citizen Akmal Shaikh is a welcome thing.

The background is that Mr Shaikh was guilty of smuggling 4kgs of heroine into Urumqi, north-west China in 2007. The man was reportedly mentally-ill. His daughter said that "drug smugglers in Poland convinced him they would make him a pop star in China" and Gordon Brown tried in vain to talk the Chinese Prime Minister into a last minute reprieve.

It's the first time since the 1950s that a European citizen is executed in China.

According to the Daily Mail article, however, people who opposed China's decision are "the trendy metropolitan elite, for whom drug use is a fashionable habit rather than serious criminal offence". McKinstry slams it as an "orchestrated wailing" from the "human rights brigade and celebrity loudmouths".

His sophisticated analysis includes this gem: "Unlike China with its firing squads, the only 'shooting galleries' we have in Britain are state-run needle exchanges for junkies". For good measure, the article also sports a photo of Kate Moss with the caption "a country that revers such junkies as Kate Moss has no right to lecture China on its drug policy".

Now, the Daily Mail has recently expressed extreme disdain for a wide range of categories: childless women, asylum seekers, immigrants, bankers, benefit recipients, BBC staff, social workers, NHS managers, teachers, politicians, liberals, Muslims, homosexuals, dogs, fat people, anorexic people, council tenants etc...But this is the first time they're openly calling for firing squads to show 'junkies' how it's done.

"The drug-fuelled, crime-ridden, welfare-dependent, fear-filled inner city housing estate in modern Britain is far more savage than any place of execution in China for a trafficker of human misery", adds McKinstry.

Of course it would be too easy to argue that perhaps McKinstry and his like should just fuck off to China and have more than one child in an urban area and see what happens, especially if they also happen to carry around a Bible, a free-Tibet poster, a copy of Zoo, or simply check the internet, Wikipedia or Facebook.

But we won't. Let's just say instead, that a world that is ruled by Daily Mail standards would possibly have a handful of people left within years. With everyone else exterminated (much to the chagrin of the "human rights brigade", of course), they would run out of hangmen in no time at all.

See this for a comprehensive analysis of capital punishment in the UK.


PhilH said...

Nice to see this comment receive a negative rating:

Thou shalt not kill.

- God, Above, 29/12/2009 16:27


PhilH said...

Top-rated comment.

"A straw poll in my local last night (at half time in the football) of 14 people was 100% in sympathy with the Chinese.

Oh, well that's alright then.


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