Monday, December 07, 2009

When the Sun bigs up Dubai

"It's dark and cold in (enter name of foreign country). London is like Disneyland - I earn three times more a month in the UK than in my own country. Why would I want to go home?".

Aren't those immigrants turning a bit cheeky? Except that I doctored the quote. That was a Brit, an expat in fact, talking about her god-given right to live in a foreign country.
"It's dark and cold in Britain. Dubai is like Disneyland - I earn around three times more a month here than in the UK. Why would I want to go home?"
The irony, of course, is that the above quote is part of a centre spread in today's Sun aimed at championing Dubai- a match made in heaven if you consider that the tackiest paper in the world is bending over backwards to prop up the tackiest place on the planet.

Look at the headline: We'll keep on partying...this place will never go under, accompanied by captions such as IT'S FANTASTIC, IT'LL BOUNCE BACK and FAB INCOME as well as pictures of women in bikini and geezers holding up their booze. Because, for the Sun, that's what Dubai is all about

This is how the piece starts:
"Britain's expats also have a Friday ritual. It begins with a glass of bubbly at one of dozens of all-you-can-eat-and-drink brunches. And throughout the afternoon and evening the booze flows as gyrating bodies dance to pumping house music" [good lord, ed.]

Sipping champagne in 25°C December sun as bikini-clad women play beach ball in the pool, Paul confesses: "There are dozens of these brunches where you can get absolutely slaughtered. It's a fantastic place to be a single bloke. Tuesdays is ladies night in the bars and its wall-to-wall women. Loads of air hostesses are based here".
The articles continues with descriptions of golf, footie and beers, females sipping Corona on the beach as well as a "blonde-haired tanned broker" reporting that "[the other night] the place was packed with Brits all drinking and having a laugh".

Packed with Brits. The Sun itself writes that 100,000 Brits currently live in Dubai. Like we remarked last week, they are not migrants. They're called expats.


Anonymous said...

They are migrants, there are no two ways about it. For whatever reason they might've moved out of their native country, they migrated, not "expatted".
It annoys me, because the arrogance to presume that British people don't migrate, but "weird-sounding" people from afar do...It's just wrong.
And it's hilariously pompous hearing; "i'm not a migrant, i'm an ex-pat"
Same thing love!

Paul said...

Whatever your criticisms of Dubai (which I agree with). These Brits are over there because as well as bettering themselves they prop up the economy. Some immigrants in the UK unquestionably do the same, particularly when providing cheap labour. However none of these Dubai emigrants live off welfare, there isn't any. Also they do not seek to subvert the Emirate and impose Christianity on it. Uncontrolled immigration (particularly when you can't deport trouble makers due to the HRA) is a disaster. However the right immigration can be a good idea.

Charlie said...

'Also they do not seek to subvert the Emirate and impose Christianity on it.'

Yeah you can't move for immigrants over here trying to subvert everything.

As for blaming things on the Human Rights Act...

Paul said...

'Uncontrolled immigration (particularly when you can't deport trouble makers due to the HRA) is a disaster. However the right immigration can be a good idea.'

I'll write it again Charlie, just so you can read what I actually did say.

Charlie said...

Yeah I saw what you said - you blamed the HRA (something which our press loves to do when there's never any evidence) for 'uncontrolled immigration' - which last I checked we don't have and is another term bandied about by the press.

Paul said...

No you quite simply do not understand what I am saying. I never said uncontrolled immigration is due to the HRA. I said troublemakers cannot be deported in many instances due to the HRA. For immigration policy to make sense you must be able to get rid of those that pose problems. That way you can ensure you get the right immigration which can benefit a nation. The US is a good example of a country that benefited from high levels of economic migrants. Yet also you can’t go over there and claim asylum as an Al Qaeda supporter and live off benefits. As Omar Bakri did in the UK, the latter case was not unique.