Thursday, January 06, 2011

Top blog posts of the last twelve months

The following were the most read posts on Hagley Road to Ladywood over the last year. Feel free to peruse if you have time available. Oh and of course, most importantly, thank you to both readers and contributors!

1) Election special: Into the mind of the BNP
Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, March 2010
2) Are the Tories still homophobic?
Claude, April 2010
3) Cars vs Foxes: which poses a bigger threat?
Claude, June 2010
4) The 'siege mentality' of nationalism
Claude, May 2010
5) May God Help You
Claude, March 2010
6) Election special: Conservatives
Jackart, March 2010
7) Five reasons to be proud/ashamed of Britain
Claude, January 2011
8) Why banning Islam4UK is a very good thing
Claude, January 2010
9) A plea to the Left: ditch the pompous language
Claude, February 2010
10) Can evil always be explained?
Claude, January 2010
11) Two months after the vote
Dave Semple, July 2010
12) Why party politics is a pathetic joke
Claude, November 2010
13) 25 years of EastEnders
Claude, February 2010
14) Feeling their pain
Bob Piper, December 2010
15) Lost in the supermarket
Claude, May 2010


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

How strange that my guest post comes top, heated subject matter I suppose that drew the right-wingers out of the closet.

The poor bastards.

claude said...

And then they took a mega battering at the election ;-)

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Indeed, the racist were blown to bits by the awfulness of their own ideas.

claude said...

For the record, "patriot" the imbecile has been banned. If you're reading this you racist muppet, dont bother with comments and insults because they'll be deleted at the first opportunity.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Excellent stuff, good riddance to the scumbag.

Made no sense for someone who hated this place so much to spend so much time here.

Stan Moss said...

I still wonder why so many far right trolls are drawn to blogs they claim to despise.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Agreed Stan, it's alien to me, I spend no time at right-wing blogs because their contents are of no interest. What a waste of time trolling around a place you pretend to hate but perhaps secretly, are in love with.