Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"El Che" Cameron sticks up for single mothers!

First he lashed out at the City. Now he's defending single mothers of young children being "pushed" into work. Is this the new hero of the British Left?

What we suspected for a long time has now become official news. New Labour has dragged its corpse so far to the right that they've officially outToried the Tories. Much has been said about the Government 'benefit shake-up' and James Purnell's tough posturing. But my eyes popped when I read this on The Telegraph online: David Cameron attacks Gordon Brown as 'sick' and 'macho' over family welfare.

It's exactly that. This morning we read Polly Toynbee wishing that it was Gordon Brown, and not Cameron, the one attacking irresponsible City practises. Now, the Tory leader is pledging to "block" James Purnell's welfare overhaul when it reaches Parliament! That alone is enough to ignite some hope amongst Labour backbenchers, those who had resigned themselves to losing yet another battle against their own 'macho' government.

Looking at the language David "El Che" Cameron deployed, you start wondering whether the battered British left has found, at last, its new paladin: "The Government wants to force single mothers of pre-school children to start the process of getting back into work. That includes mothers of children possibly as young as one year old. Many parents choose to go back to work and we should support them in that choice. But the state prodding, pushing and cajoling you into work like this with children so young, I believe, is wrong".
And then, "I don't know whether James Purnell is just trying to be tough or if he genuinely thinks it is OK to force mothers of young children to go to work. Either way, I think this is a shameful proposal".

He added: "It is vital in this recession that we at the very least don't do anything that makes our broken society worse. We need to help families, not make life harder for them, and that especially applies to single-parent families who already have it hard enough.
"It won't do much good for our economy and it certainly won't do any good for our society".

If Maggie Thatcher's still alive at the next elections Gordon Brown can be sure her vote's in the bag.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, right.
Isn't that the same David Cameron who wrote that big editorial for the Daily Mail last week? With the pic of a particularly haggard-looking Karen Matthews for added impact?
The cunning bastard is only trying to stir shit in the midst of the Labour party.

Anonymous said...

Cameron has some credibility trying to make some sense in a inherently corrupt system, democracy and and two party politics is just so dull, everyone knows that both parties do not really differ in substance and they support money power, indeed politicians are paid servants of the bankers.