Friday, December 12, 2008

Moyles, Parsons and the Poles

Chris Moyles' comments were out of order. But Tony Parsons' rebuttal in The Mirror was just as daft.

You may already know that Chris Moyles recently joined the ranks of überpaid taxpayer-funded BBC presenters whose main ability consists in knocking up one inept joke after the other. Somehow he thought that saying Polish women make good cleaners and prostitutes is incredibly funny. In line with that trademark blokish humour that is currently so en-vogue, Moyles also added that those Polish prozzas are good at ironing while their male counterparts make good mechanics. Of course, these are the nuggets you come up with when you're made to feel like a demi-god. Like Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, Moyles is convinced he's the dog's bollocks, "a bit of a geeza", as well as a cheeky chap.

But if anyone could outdo Moyles at the school of idiocy, then look no further than nasty Tony Parsons in the Mirror. If Parsons was reincarnated as a dog, he'd be one of those yappy little ankle-biters growling and frothing 24-7. Reading his stuff generally makes my skin crawl and his Moyles-bashing is no exception, as the 'columnist' spurted out the type of daft bile you normally associate with playground banter.

The way Parsons worded it sounds like his issue is Chris Moyles' body weight rather than his actual comments. Every other epithet hurled at the BBC Radio One presenter is "fat". "The fattest DJ at the BBC", "overweight", "fat coward", "fat ugly", "fat racist", "XXL pants". By the sound of it, if Moyles had been as thin and attractive as reced-o Parsons, calling Polish women "good prostitutes" would have been alright.

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Anonymous said...

of course it will never occur to parsons that if he had anything of value to say about whats REALLY going on in the world ,he wouldnt be writing that column. Too busy PROSTITUTING himself on the teet of the establishment. As for Aaronovich,he is a journo-spook. Enough said.