Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Tawdry, exploitative business"

The tabloids are still rummaging around the leftovers of 'Sachsgate'. Like scavengers down the press foodchain.

Animals like hyenas, vultures and jackals are known as scavengers. Once the flesh has been gobbled by a hunting beast, those freeloaders turn up and rummage around the leftovers for anything they can turn into food. They're basically the cesspit of the foodchain.

Without wishing jackals and mates any disservice, they are the closest biological equivalent to British tabloids. You may remember, in fact, how the national saga known as Sachsgate resulted in Russell Brand resigning and Jonathan Ross earning a two-month suspension. Well, you may have thought the world would move on. Wrong. You underestimated the scavengers' resourcefulness. They're able to turn the most decomposing of corpses into a lush evening meal. And this is what the Sun and the Daily Mail have been doing.

Look at them yesterday, those fine purveyors of national news worrying about the nation's morals as they gnaw away at the bones, in this case the trashiest, most sordid aspects of a story. While the Sun, cheekily announces that "GEORGINA BAILLIE has directed her own porn movie", the Daily Mail, for its part, engages in a lecture about the "drug abusing Satanic Slut whose fling with Russell Brand led to THAT furore".

In a piece in today's Mail, Helen Weathers calls it "unedifying that a girl born with every advantage should consider 'adult entertainment' as a valid career choice rather than the demeaning, tawdry, exploitative business it really is". Does the demeaning, tawdry, exploitative business also include this stuff published by the same paper in October?

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