Monday, May 26, 2008

They Nabbed his toys

Geezer Andy McNab and his problem with men crying

Out of the tons of articles written in the wake of the legendary all-English Champions League final between Man Utd and Chelsea, the award for the most mental goes to a piece penned by Andy McNab. The platform, of course, was none other than the Sun, the tabloid that can always be relied upon for mind-boggingly equal dollops of lairiness and uprightness - in the same go. Oh, the Sun. Who else would drop the bombshell revelation that "Man Utd players spent all night celebrating"?

Referring to John Terry's inconsolable tears after his slip-up in last Wednesday's penalty shoot-outs, the headline was: "Is it ever okay for sportsmen to cry?". Enter Sun Security Adviser Andy McNab's. "NO" was his retort. "They become exposed for the wimps that they really are", the hardman wrote, "[T]here's too much of this emotional stuff", and "[T]he pitch should be the place where men are men", rounding it off with "I tell you this - you wouldn’t find any of Terry's blubbing antics in the SAS".

It's hard to resist the temptation to suggest the man must have had his toys locked away when he was a kid. More to the point, no doubt McNab is also of the opinion that cooking is the "wench's" biological duty. Unless, of course, it's a burly barbecue we're talking about. Or raw meat. Preferably heated up under the saddle, between the horse and the man. That's what the elite forces get to eat in the Burmese jungle. Where men are men.

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