Friday, August 01, 2008

Post-colonial TV

Can you imagine Cornwall hosting 760,000 Greeks, all speaking their own language and not picking up a single word of English? And a national TV programme promoting that.

Does British TV reflect British society? Judging by programmes like BBC Two's Living In The Sun, presented by Nadia Sawalha, then the answer is yes. That is, if you agree that British society will never be able to shed their post-colonial attitude. No, don't just utter 'fuck off'. Think about it.

Don't we live in the era of "we're-being-swamped" and "they-all-want-to-cum'ere"?
So how would you feel if there was a daily programme on, say, Greek national television actively promoting hundreds of thousands of Greeks setting up shop and snatching land, property, businesses in Britain? Those hundreds of thousands would then peruse local public services and demand bilingual schools. There would be a national outcry, no question.

But this is what Brits are doing in Spain, and Living In The Sun is direct proof. Entire areas are already the almost complete monopoly of English-speaking people. Of course, it's perfectly allowed, and the advent of the European Union has made it a lot easier, but I'm sure you'll appreciate that the same would not be tolerated in Britain. Can you imagine Cornwall hosting 760.000 Greeks, all speaking their own language and not picking up a single word of English? The irony is that many expats leave home because "England is just not English anymore". Only last year, an all-expat party ran in the local elections near Alicante demanding bilingual schools.

And that's the most amazing thing about Living In The Sun. There isn't even the slightest focus on issues of integration and the most they show about Spanish culture is the usual all-English sangria-based yipee-gals-wow party and, of course, the sun. It's just about how those Brits will get on with their properties and how they add a swanky swimming pool to their recently purchased Spanish home. The area may have serious water-shortage issues, but those Brits have to have their swimming pool. It is their god-given right.

Of course you would answer that "at least us Brits are law-abiding". Not always. The Spanish authorities have complained that many of the Brits' houses are built illegaly and with little or no respect for the environment. Also, reports abound of British residents who, true to their customs, angered the locals with loutish drunken behaviour. These are dubbed the "por favores" because that's all the Spanish they bother to speak. After all, when they colonised India, how many Brits bothered to pick up the local language?


Anonymous said...

And if they don't understand what we say, we'll just shout.
We're doomed.

Jake said...

Piss off, we're alright when we're required to chip in with EU grants and all

claude said...

piss off,
the Indians were alrite when you nicked all of their tea and those others I suppose you can put up with when you order vindaloo.

Ha ha ha. Your comment is textbook!