Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fatcat Parasites Loafing At Your Expense

Direct your anger elsewhere. The economic rape of this world is not the fault of the Public Sector, says Mark Reed.

Do you work in the Public Sector? Do you EVER take holiday? EVER get ill? Do you EVER do anything that isn't directly public facing?

Then be ashamed of yourself – you are a lazy, unemployable workshy overpaid parasite getting fat at the expense of the hard working families of this country.

Camilla Cavendish in the Times comes back with yet another load of repugnant and ignorant crap about the Public Sector. Say what you mean, Camilla : unless you can see them on your streets, or serving you in hospitals, the country don't need them.

Sack 'em all. Burn every non-frontline public sector employee. All we need are nurses, coppers, and soldiers. We don't need any of the rest. The public sector bodies don't need brains, hearts, livers, HR people, procurement people, policy makers, finance, social workers : all it needs is people helping the worthy.

The worthy? Well, you spongers, you dole scum, you single mothers, you ill, the fat : you're the unworthy, and this country doesn't need you. Everyone who isn't a private sector employee spunking their bonus on overpriced houses or in shops to keep the broken economy afloat is a useless eater who contributes nothing to society. A parasite. That goes for you too.

And again, the useless assertation, caused largely by some sense of ignorant envy, that all Public Sector workers do nothing all day long. That's right. Every Public Sector Worker – apart from our brave angels The Nurses, the brave heroes Our Boys In The Desert, and our courageous anti-terrorist freedom fighters The Boys In Blue Who Hit Random Powerless Strangers With Billyclubs As They Walk Past On Their Way Home – are all loafing, useless, unemployable scum. Every goddamn one of them is a parasite grown fat on the taxes stolen from the hard working families of middle Britain.

Except, finanically, it's impossible to maintain a large and bloated public sector with solely the taxes of the Hard Working Private Sector Workers. And guess what?

These useless, lazy, workshy Public Sector Workers you talk of? They pay tax too. As much as anyone else. And, unlike every single capitalist organisation – the Precious and Beautiful Private Sector – that exists solely to make profit whilst chirping on about Customer Service (and why do they do that? Because a business without customers isn't profitable), the Public Sector organisations exists not to make profit, but to serve the public. If the world were unregulated, and the public sector didn't exist, we'd live in the kind of bitter and vicious economic slums of South America, where most of the population live in shanty towns and ghettos and the privileged few laugh.

Remember that old quote. “The homeless? They're just the bums you step over as you leave the theatre.” (I know, it's a Pet Shop Boys lyric...but originally was spake by a Tory in the late Eighties).

They're people. And they have feelings as important, and beautiful, and valid as the rich.

Civil Servants serve the civilians. The answer is in the question.

And, according to the comments, The Public Sector is full of bloated idiots who enjoy time at home at 'our expense'. What does this actually mean? That the public sector aren't entitled to holidays anymore? Hell, let's cancel holidays for everyone. Even the Private Sector fatcats, who enjoy holidays at our expense. Every time we buy anything in a shop, there's an extra 10% we pay just to ensure that the employees of MegaglobalCorp who manufactures your milk can have holidays (after all, 250 working days a year, 25 days holiday = 10%). Fuck 'em all. They have holidays at our expense. Let's be enraged.

Cancel holidays for everyone. That would sort out the economy. And whilst we're at it, sack everyone but The Nurses (who will work for free, because there's no payroll function anymore), Our Boys In Iraq (who will have to buy their own equipment and take out loans for their boots and their tanks before defaulting on the loans and causing the collapse of our banking system), and The Boys In Blue Who Hit Random Powerless Strangers With Billyclubs As They Walk Past On Their Way Home (who will have to patrol with begging bowls because there's no one to pay them).

Direct your anger elsewhere. The economic rape of this world is not the fault of the Public Sector. The Public Sector exists to serve the public. It's not just the nurses who are essential to running the NHS, but everyone behind it, who puts the scalpels in surgeons hands, who works to obtain the endoscope that diagnoses your lung cancer, who ensures the nurses are fed, the ward matrons are paid. You'll change your mind when cancer eats your breasts and shrivels your body. Maybe you'll be wise – like a dying aethist with a deathbed conversion to Jesus – just as the last yellowed heartbeat crawls around your parchment body and you notice, You Can't Take Your Bonus To Heaven.

Because I know, that to many Public Sector Workers – the mission is important. Leaving work every day (loafing at your expense!) we know the work we did made a difference: it changed and helped the world in some way. If we must spend a third of our waking life working, I – and millions of the rest of the Public Sector – know that our efforts did not just go into making profit so a shareholder can buy a new car or extend the swimming pool, but the work we did helped in some small way the poor, the weak, the needy, the hungry, the homeless, the ill, and enriched the life in some small way of others. Maybe that parasite nurse detected the cancer that the surgeon removed that helped you watch your grandchildren grow up.

Or then again, they're all just fatcats who loaf around at the expense of the poor Private Sector worker. Sack 'em all.

Let's hope you don't lose your job. After all, all the Job Centres will be closed. And then you'll have to beg and go homeless. After all, Capitalism will provide everything. EVERYTHING!

For a price. If you're rich enough.