Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Sex with big, brawny, hairy, PROPER men"

This quality piece by Tanya Gold in the Daily Mail was a top way of rounding off the Easter break.

It's called 'Goodbye skinny metrosexuals, the beefcake is back' and it contains a number of absolute gems such as:

"Do you remember the Blitz? (note that Tanya Gold was born in 1973- ed) Everyone had great sex in the Blitz, even my Auntie Marie, who hated men. And who do you have sex with? Big, brawny, hairy men, proper men, that's who".

"In this sexless world of money and style, beefcake was nowhere. Because you don't need a beefcake if you live in a penthouse with blinds that go up and down at the touch of a button. Better to have a girl-man who looks like Keira Knightley and can discuss all your consumerist junk with you".

"But things have changed. Our economy is splintering, our seas are rising and house prices are falling. [...] So what do we do? We should choose beefcake. Fashion has decreed it. In times of hardship and uncertainty, what sane woman wants to cuddle up to a man she knows she could beat in a fight?"


Paul Morden said...

Brilliant post. It made my day! Cheers :-)

Helen Highwater said...

What's she on about hairy men for? Those guys look like they wax their chests!