Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Law and order

What the anarchists aren't telling you is that it was Tomlinson's back that hit the policeman's baton.

What's going on? Nobody believes the police anymore. First the cynics doubted that Jean Charles de Menezes plunged himself at some flying bullets. Now the politically correct brigade are at it again as they keep going on about Tomlinson's death.

And yet the forces of law and order had been clear. Mr Tomlinson had a heart attack and the only contact he had with the thin blue line was when some compassionate officers tried to revive him - and even then they were met by a shower of bottles chucked by the anarchists. That should have been the end of it.

Instead now police officers are being accused of manslaughter. Some liberals, in fact, claim to have footage of Ian Tomlinson hounded by baton-wielding riot police and their Alsatians and then aggressively pushed and shoved to the ground.

Aside from the fact that those trustafarians first preach against capitalism and then they can afford to walk around carrying cameras and filming equipment, what the devious PC brigade didn't take into account is that they're playing the film in the wrong direction.

Because if, instead of 'play', or 'forward', you simply pressed the button that says 'rewind', you'll see that the fault is Tomlinson's. It is he who is marching, albeit in reverse, against the poor policeman. With his mighty back, he is pushing not one, but two of the copper's hands, as well as his baton, no doubt provoking intense pain.

No wonder the policemen were all in full riot gear. See what they're up against? Backward walking protesters aiming blindly at both officers and dogs.

And also what's that story about kettling i.e. the police hemming multitudes in? Are we joking? All the peace-loving coppers were doing was giving those protesters a group hug, from all sides. They were just so lovved up that they didn't want to let go, and yet not even that was good enough for those horrible leftists. They always, al-ways, have to moan.


claude said...

This stuff on Letters from A Tory website is just unbelievable. Some people are just pure evil.

Now, if it was satire it'd be spot-on, except it isn't.

This right-wing idiot seriously claims that Tomlinson was one of the protesters because there's no way he could have been at work with those clothes!!!

He was a newsagents for fucks sake, you Tory plonker!
He didn't have any suit and tie job to go to!

Then LFAT also calls Tomlinson "a protestor who was doing everything in their power to infuriate the police ". Good gracious me.

I just dearly hope that one day LFAT joins a countryside alliance protest and finds himself in a similar situation.

Then I'd love to be the one writing a shoddy shitty "letter" defending the police!

Richard said...

Yeah but Letter from A Tory is a well-known attention-seeking troll.

It is unbeleivable indeed. There are some people out there who, even if the copper in question came forward and said that Tomlinson wasn't provoking and that old bill was truly being disproportionate, would still say that, I don't know, The Guardian had paid them money to say so... or similar shite...

Planet Me said...

Bill Hicks had a similar idea about Rodney King.