Monday, September 07, 2009

Reasons to have a drink

Cold day. "Fuckin freezing, isn't it? I could do with sum booze".
Hot day. "Bloody hell, it's boiling hot out there! Could do with a nice cold lager".

Depressed. "Gowon, cheer up mate, I'll get you a drink!"
Happy. "Yay! Let's go to the pub. Drinks anyone?"

Football victory. "Here's to the final!"
Football defeat. "That was shite that was! I need a drink after all that".

New job. "Excellent news mate. What you havin?"
The Sack. "Sorry to hear about it, mate. Gowon, let me get you a beer".

Tired. "God, I'm knackered. Could do with a drink".
Relaxed. "Ahhh. Nice to enjoy this lovely pint in peace!".

New partner. "Congratulations mate! I'll get this one, what you havin?"
Dumped. "Sorry, about that mate. Gowon have a drink, you'll feel better".

Monday. "It's gonna be a long week mate, let's have a drink".
Wednesday. "Fuckin mid-week. Awful, mate. I deserve one".
Saturday. "Been working all bloody week! Let's get pissed now".

Worry. "Don't worry, mate. A nice pint will clear your mind".
Positive. "C'mon then, let's have a pint".

Shy. "A couple of shots will sort out my confidence"
Confident. "I'm alright. Just enjoying a nice little drink".

Pre-task. "Just a quick one before we start".
After-task. "Aaah, glad it's all done. C'mon then, your round".

Home. "Since we're not going out, shall we go through that bottle?"
Out. "What's the point in going out if we don't have a drink?"

Smoker. "Pint and a fag. Can't have one without the other".
Non-smoker. "I don't smoke, I'm at least entitled to a drink".