Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rejoice: EDL won't be back in Brum

An update on the Birmingham riots.

The good news is that the English Defence League finally announced that they "will not be coming back to Birmingham in the near future".

The bad news is that, for the time being, the shit-stirrers achieved what they wanted. No matter how much the national media plays it down, race relations in Brum took another blow as the city appears scarred by the second consecutive set of riots in four weeks.

In the meantime, local website The Stirrer features the two most informed pieces so far on last Saturday's riots.

'Business as usual' points out the idiocy of those EDL claims that "they're not a racist group", while at the same time frothing at the mouth as they chant against Islam as a whole.

The 'Riotous Brothers', instead, substantiates what we already mentioned as regards the August 8 clashes: the fact that a seemingly spontaneous group of Asian youths (with no affiliation to any anti-fascist group) turned up and was very aggressive towards a lot of people who had nothing to do whatsoever with the EDL oiks.

For the record, one of the most useless pieces on the whole affair bears the signature of Times columnist David Aaronovitch. In an article titled 'Birmingham riots: young men looking for the excitement of a fight', Aaronovitch puts it down to a load of kids up for a ruck. 650 words of nothingness.

Permanent Revolution has an interesting report on last Saturday's events.


Helen Highwater said...

Thanks for posting this - it's interesting to read.

In the Birmingham Post yesterday, there was a report which make it look like the EDL won't be allowed back:

"Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe said members of the English Defence League had shown their claims of wanting a peaceful protest in the city centre were false.

She pledged any future plans to demonstrate in the city centre would be met with short shrift."

Should've done that to begin with, but hey....

Brummie DJ said...

BNP-front. Absolutely blatantly obvious. The good news about Saturday's demo is that the EDL showed their true colours in a way they hadn't in August. Must've been all the booze from both Figure of Eight and the Bennetts.