Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tony Woodley earns a million points

What does it say about the country that Britain's political oracle is a rag based on bullying, tits and peeping into people's bedrooms?

Every paper and news bulletin today are making a massive deal out of the Sun switching sides again. Just like in 1997 they backed the obvious winner, with every opinion poll now predicting an election rout Murdoch's paper are shamelessly jumping ship again.

There are only two things to say about it. One came from Harriet Harman (and for the first time ever I find myself in agreement with her): "The nearest their political analysis gets to women's rights is 'Page 3 News in Brief'".

The second came from Unite general secretary Tony Woodley when he said: "We don't need any Australian-American coming to our country, with a paper that's never supported one progressive policy from our party, including the minimum wage, telling us how our politics should be run".

What he did to that copy of The Scum was a truly memorable moment (watch it here).


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Brilliant stuff and about time someone foughtback against that rag.

socialist sam said...

I've always thought. Where are the British nationalists, the bulldogs, the Rule Britannia people when it's the supermegarich and the tycoons that take over this green and pleasant land?

Where are the anti-immigration bellowers, cock-a-hoop patriots when Saudi oil chiefs or Russian oligarchs seize Premier League football teams or when Rupert Murdoch dictates the terms of British politics?

Wherefore art thou?

Stan Moss said...

Exactly, sam.

I share your view. You never hear right wing football fans moaning that 2/3 of Premier League clubs are foreign-owned, do you? Or that the country's media is at the mercy of a foreign multi-zillionaire...