Monday, March 23, 2009

From Hammersmith to Westminster

Workfare to work? For our MPs it's called something else.

Imagine your job, whatever that may be. You're entitled to an Allowance for a second home, or a hotel room, or whatever, in case you don't live right next to work. Even if it's just three miles away. Thousands of pounds thrown at you to make up for those awful bus rides, packed tube journeys or pesky taffic lights. So odd that it's difficult to picture, isn't it?

Well, there is one one category of workers that are entitled to that: Members of Parliament. Yes, them, the same people who tell you to get your arse into gear, those who say "get on with it or you'll lose the State's generous help". OK, fair enough those travelling from as far afield as the North, Wales or Cornwall. But the thing is, they're all entitled to it, even if they live next door to Westminster.

Labour MP Tony McNulty, the ultra-Blairite former Immigration Minister who used to rant in favour of "a robust ID card scheme which will help tackle illegal working and immigration" has been milking this Every Little Helps scheme. He's admitted he's been claiming £60,000 in Additional Costs Allowance on a second home (which happens to be his parents'), even though he revealed that doing that made him "feel discomfort".

Tony McNulty lives in Hammersmith.


James Dowden said...

Errr... His constituency is Harrow East. He just lives in Hammersmith.

Stan Moss said...

Inaccuracy rectified. Thank you James.

Anonymous said...

NO shame, these people.
Another nail in the coffin for the 'special relationship' between politicians and people in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh, poor old McNulty feeling discomfort at screwing £60,000 of public money by claiming on his parents house.
Discomfort...? He doesn't know the meaning of the word, the corrupt apparatchik he is.

But somehow I don't think he'll be facing punishment through sanctions.....

claude said...

Last November, the Telegraph arranged a Q&A between the readers and Tony McNulty MP.

One asked:
Do you understand why politicians, of all colours, are held in such low esteem by the very people that you are 'serving' ???

And McNulty answered:
I don't fully understand why we are collectively held in such low esteem, but I know that we are.

And referring to the Green Paper on Welfare he lectured: "we’re asking for more responsibility.

What a man.