Friday, March 20, 2009

Governmental ignorance

Check out this piece by Matthew Norman in yesterday's Independent.

Mr David Lammy MP, indicated by many as "the rising star in the Labour Party" and "the new kid on the bench", the man who cannot answer a straight question (on tuition fees he blabbered: "Well, I think the universities have done a piece of work which is about scenarios... within that piece of work... actually one of the scenarios is that it remains the same") is also officially a man of extraordinary ignorance.

Which would be perhaps acceptable in normal circumstances. Except that this chap has a Masters in law from Harvard and is the Higher Education Minister in the Government. Norman points to Lammy's abysmal record on John Humphrys' Celebrity Mastermind, and in particular the one question about politics: "Which country's Rose Revolution of 2003 led to the resignation of President Edward Shevardnadze?". the Higher Education Minister's reply was "Yugoslavia".

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